Lost in Thought

Felicity's on a fantastic date...except she's stuck in the restaurant toilet, trapped by nothing but her own alarming thoughts.

A new play from Lucy Danser  (★★★★ WhatsOnStage for ‘Rachael’s Cafe’)  about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, ambition and motherly love. Directed by King's Head Junior Associate Helena Jackson, developed with Soho Theatre's Young Company. 

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Lost in Thought turns its back on the quintessential way Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is often portrayed in the media (you know, all that hand washing!) to explore the way in which intrusive thoughts can control a sufferer's every day and, ultimately, their entire life as well as that of those who love them most. Felicity, a 23 year old suffering from OCD, lives with her single mother Marie. As they each attempt to move forward with their lives independently - both of them beginning to date, Felicity looking for a career - Felicity's condition continuously interrupts, forcing the two women into a carer and patient relationship that neither of them expected at this stage in their lives. Drawn both from extensive research and Danser’s first-hand experience of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Lost in Thought is a thought-provoking and empathetic exploration of a condition more often used as a flippant punchline than truly understood as a life-altering neurological disorder. It will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018, playing at the Underbelly. 

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Lost in Thought premieres at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018, running at the Delhi Belly, Underbelly from 2nd-23rd August (not the 13th) at 6:40pm. 


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