If This Is Normal

‘You’re trying to make this black and white. It’s not.’

‘Yeah, it’s not – because he’s your brother.’

A new play from Lucy Danser about friendship, growing up and sexual politics in the modern world.

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If This Is Normal is a new play about the sexual experiences of young adults in a world of information overload. Siblings Maryam and Madani, and their best friend Alex, have grown up bombarded by podcasts, porn and politics. Unlike previous generations they’re staggeringly well-informed about sex, with very well-developed opinions, interests and desires. But life gets sticky and shit can happen. And what happens to their pre-packaged principles about love and sex when the messiness of real-life relationships takes over? By the team behind last year’s Lost in Thought: Directed by King's Head Junior Associate Helena Jackson, Sound Design by Nicola Chang, supported by Soho Theatre Young Company. 


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